The Neutor – "new gate"

The Neutor, part of the old city wall

At the end of the 16th century the Neutor was fully integrated into the city wall around Erpel. This is shown on a Merian picture from the 17th century with a different side view.

Of the old city wall there is one mighty tower still standing: the Neutor. This gate at the beginning of the "Kölner Straße" is first mentioned in the 13th century. During the Cologne war in the middle of the 16th century the original tower was destroyed. Thereafter Erpel's citizens had to pay double taxes to pa for a new one, says homeland researcher Willi Christmann († 2004). Most likely this is where the name of the current tower came from: Neutor ("new gate").

View through the gate to the parish church "St. Severinus"

Back then Erpel had 4 gates: The Neutor in the north, the Schleidentor in the east towards Orsberg and Bruchhausen, the Linz gate in the south of Erpel, also known as "Zacker-Porz", and the Frontor in the west at the end of the Frongasse towards the Rhine, close to the church and city hall.

Erpel's city wall also had a jail tower. Around 1800, during Napoleon's times, parts of the city wall and two of the gates were destroyed during those violent times of change. One of them was the Linz gate. On its remains the school at the train station was built in 1840. Some years ago Willi Christmann was able to locate some of the remains of this gate tower and measure them.

Outside and inside: the Neutor is becoming the gem of the "Old beauty"

Artisans restore the medieval city gate

Voluntary engagement: Erpel's emblem receives a new shine

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